Tantra and Erotic Trance: Volume One – Outer Work


by John R. Haule

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Human sexuality is a problematic thing.  It gets us into trouble, breaks our hearts, involves us in painful compulsive relationships, even transmits deadly diseases.  It would surely scare us off, if it were not for its siren call to higher forms of union and moments of bodily bliss.  When examined more closely, however, and especially when we turn our gaze inward to see what sexual arousal is doing to our consciousness, we find we are in an altered state—a form of “erotic trance” that reveals dimensions of ourselves, our partner, and possibilities for human life that otherwise would not have been discovered.

Procreative sex forms the foundation of the nuclear family and the glue that holds society together—what we might call the “horizontal” potential of sex.  Tantra, however, is about its “vertical” dimension—about “tuning” our awareness to bring higher, spiritual realities into focus. It all begins by mastering our bodily reflexes.  This first volume of Tantra and Erotic Trance deals with the preliminary stages of mastery and the transformations of consciousness that they make possible.  The whole project is imagined as a ladder with its feet on the earth and its top leaning into Indra’s heaven.  Each rung represents a new level of awareness, a mastery of what just the rung below had appeared to us as a poorly understood gift.

John Ryan Haule holds a doctorate in religious studies from Temple University. He is a Jungian analyst trained in Zurich and a faculty member of the C.G. Jung Institute-Boston. In addition to Tantra and Erotic Trance I and II, his publications include: Divine Madness: Archetypes of Romantic LoveThe Love Cure: Therapy Erotic and SexualPerils of the Soul: Ancient Wisdom and the New AgeThe Ecstasies of St. Francis: The Way of Lady Poverty; and Jung in the 21st Century, in two volumes: Evolution and Archetype and Synchronicity and Science.

Title: Tantra & Erotic Trance: Volume One – Outer Work
Author: John R. Haule
226 pages – Large Page Format (9.25 x 7.5)
Condition: New
Edition: First
Index, Bibliography
Publisher: Fisher King Press (November 1, 2012)
ISBN 10: 0977607682
ISBN 13: 9780977607686

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