Under the Fisher King Press imprint, Fisher King Enterprises publishes the work of certified Jungian analysts concerning the study of Jungian theory, analytical depth psychology, myth, archetypal symbolism, and dreams. Occasionally also publish an eclectic mix of alternative titles under our il piccolo editions imprint.

Fisher King Press is home to many notable authors including: Kehinde Ayeni, Mariann Burke, Kathleen Burt, Alvaro Cardona-Hine, Lois Carey, Elizabeth Clark-Stern, Michael Conforti, Patricia Damery, Gilda Frantz, Nancy Swift Furlotti, Steven A. Galipeau, Jacqueline Gerson, Fred Gustafson, Bud & Massimilla Harris, David L. Hart, John R. Haule, Laurel Howe, Jane Kamerling, Kenneth A. Kimmel, Thomas B. Kirsch, Brian Landis, Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, Mel Mathews, Deldon Anne McNeely, Dennis L. Merritt, Richard E. Messer, Mary Dian Molton, V. Walter Odajnyk, Nancy Carter Pennington, Susan J. Pollard, Audrey Punnett, Matjaž Regovec, Maja Reinau, Erel Shalit, Leah Shelleda, Lucy Anne Sikes, Dennis Patrick Slattery, Lawrence H. Staples, Phyllis Stowell, Karlyn M. Ward, Paul Watsky, Mark Winborn, Charles Zeiders, Max Zeller . . .

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