Concerning copyright permission and the reproduction of Fisher King Enterprises (FKE) copyrighted material:

Using material from Fisher King Enterprises publications without obtaining prior written permission from FKE is a violation of copyright – this includes printed, digital, audio, video, film, television, stage, radio rights, foreign translation rights, or any other rights from any of our imprints which includes Fisher King Press, il piccolo editions, and Genoa House.

To have material approved for reproduction, all agencies should submit a completed request for permissions form along with the proposed content in its entirety to

In the case of material being used in both Printed and Digital formats, once permissions have been approved, Fisher King Enterprises will supply the proper credits to be listed in the publication.

In the case of video, film, television, stage, radio rights, webinar, or any other rights – If the material and terms are approved, the agency reproducing the material should provide an image of the FKE publication on the agency’s website and include direct links to purchase it from the Fisher King Press online bookstore – – this image and link should be live 30 days prior to any webinar or other venue.

Recognition of FKE and its publications, and linking to the FKP online bookstore DOES NOT grant permission to use FKE copyrighted material.

Permission to reproduce material from FKE publications must first be obtained from FKE in writing by completing a permissions form and submitting the proposed content in its entirety to