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poems by Phyllis Stowell

“This is not what is true, merely true.” Images of intrusion, aggression, martyrdom, achievement, pilgrimage move in and out of these poems as they move in and out of our dreams, their relation to the lived life real but imponderable. Phyllis Stowell’s writing seems to acquire a new clarity and strength of purpose, paradoxically, as it plunges into the mysterious. For me this stands with Arc of Grief at the top of her work. —Alan Williamson

Phyllis Stowell is Professor Emerita and Founding Member of Saint Mary’s College of California MFA. Her poems have appeared in over forty traditional and avant-garde reviews. In addition to Sundered, she is the author of several other poetry collections. She is co-editor of Appetite: Food as Metaphor: An Anthology of Women Poets. Phyllis lives in Berkeley, California.

Paperback: 70 pages
Publisher: il piccolo editions;
First edition
Publication Date: April 15, 2012
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1926715721
ISBN-13: 9781926715728

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